Governors at Scargill Infant School

The governors at Scargill Infant School work closely with the Headteacher and staff in their work in educating the children in order to support the school mission statement: 'to educate, to enable, to empower'.

Our obligations include:-

  • Ensuring the vision, ethos and strategic direction of the school are clearly defined,
  • Ensuring the Headteacher performs his or her responsibilities for the educational performance of the school,
  • Ensuring the sound, proper and effective use of the school's financial resources.

We help the school to set and reach targets and to strive for excellence across the whole spectrum of school life.  The two key documents used for this are the School Development Plan (SDP) and the Self Evaluation Form (SEF).  The SDP sets out a strategic plan for the school, with targets that everyone works towards and the SEF sets out how well the school is doing and where we aim to make improvements.

We monitor the children's progress through data analysis, meetings and visiting the school to watch lessons.  We meet with members of staff to ensure we know how the school is progressing towards its targets.

We are involved with monitoring the performance of teaching staff ensuring that the performance management cycle is in place and is correctly carried out.

We have a separate committee which meets on a termly basis dedicated to the management of the school's finances and premises.  The governors on this committee are: Mr Pike (Chair), Miss Thumpston (Vice Chair), Mrs Keeper and Mrs Sladden.

All governors belong to the School & Community Committee and the Curriculum & Achievement Committee.  Both committees meet on a termly basis.

The current terms of office for the governors are:

We ensure we are in touch with parents and carers through analysis of questionnaire responses.  We also know how children feel about the school through visiting the school and classes, speaking to the children and looking at the children's written views.  The schools' council reports enable us to see what children are proud of and what they would like to see developed.

We attend regular evening meetings, and undertake training, in school and through the Local Authority in our own time.  Recently the governing body underwent a morning training session on the governors' roles and responsibilities.  We also access the internet for training at home using a specialist government website.

There are several categories of governor, appointed by different groups that have an interest in the school.  These include Local Authority, co-opted, parents and staff.  All governors have equal status, however we are appointed.

At Scargill Infants governors serve a term of four years.  Parent governors are elected by the parents of the school.  The next parent governor election is anticipated to be due in 2018.

What are the governors' recent successes?

  • During the assessment for the ICT Mark we were required to demonstrate our knowledge and understanding of how computing is taught in the school and how the school supports the children in this area of the curriculum.  We are pleased to report this involvement contributed toward the school successfully attaining the ICT Mark award.
  • The governors identified the need for the appointment of a Family Liaison Advisor, this has enabled support for parents with a variety of socio-economic and educational problems with their children and families.
  • The governors are always closely involved in the target setting in the School Development Plan.  We were extremely pleased to note the improved outcome in the SATs reading scores, which for 2015 showed an increase from 22% to 29% for Level 3 readers. Throughout, diligence in the monitoring of writing and the high standards of teaching this has resulted in successful achievement of the target set. 

We are under a duty to publish our register of interests which are:

Mrs K Keeper                       Fire & Safety London Ltd

Mr A Jones                          Spouse of Mrs Jones, Teaching Assistant

Should you wish to contact the governing body directly for any information you can email:

Attendance record for meetings over the last year