Learning Links Login page


Please assist your child to enter their username and password opposite just as it appears in their school book.  Select 'English' from the language box.

Once logged in your child will be able to access activities set by their teacher as well as any messages specific to your child's class or maybe even videos and photos of them at work during the school day.


Unfortunately Fronter have said this resource has limited functionality on a mobile device like an iPad.  They suggest using Google Chrome as the browser which you can download for free and they are working towards providing an app in the future.


Use both sets of username and passwords for this resource.  Once your child has logged into 'My Portal' they will be able to complete the work their teacher has set for them.


Unfortunately Oxford University Press who provide this resource have said it doesn't support use on an iPad etc but suggests downloading from the App Store a flash browser called 'Puffin Academy' (free) which they have found to be the best. Just click on the MyMaths icon then on the website link. Oxford University Press say they are working towards providing an app in the future.


Big Bus

Whilst your child remains a pupil of Scargill Infant School they may use the login details for this visual, interactive online resource for fun and learning.  Please do not click on the reset password button, thank you.